Pre-Launch Category and Product Due-Diligence

This is an important step in the food development process to understand the viability of successfully making your chosen product. This option was developed for food startups entering a new category to evaluate its feasibility before investing an enormous amount of capital.

Contract Manufacturer Search

Finding the correct contract manufacturer is the single most important factor when creating a product with outsourced operations. This will be your “significant other” for the bulk of your business lifecycle and will be critical to the success of your CPG business.

Ongoing Manufacturer Management

The cost-effective solution to hiring an operations manager. Managing the cost-of-goods to ensure a healthy margin, the procurement of ingredients, and organizing production runs with an eye towards constant improvement.

New Product/Recipe Development

Both creating the recipe to the desired nutritional guidelines and sourcing the supply chain so that it is “ready-to-launch” into the marketplace.

Product Commercialization

The next step after new product development. Taking an established product and getting it ready to sell on the mass market with your selected outsourced manufacturer. This includes bench-testing your product with your outsourced manufacturer, managing the first run, and establishing a manual you can use for executing your future runs.